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Shaw Family Community Gardens Guidelines


Welcome to the Shaw Family Community Gardens, a project of the Salt Spring Island Farmland Trust Society.  These gardens are intended to provide opportunities for Salt Spring residents to grow more food and to increase food security on the island. In the interest of sustainability and good soil practices organic methods of soil amendment and pest control should be practiced.

These guidelines address the routine rules that all gardeners are expected to follow.  Please read them carefully prior to signing this agreement.


  • The gardens are open from dawn to dusk.  A locking device on the gate will secure the fenced area.
  • The two large service paths are to be used for moving large amounts of materials when necessary.  They are not to be used on a regular basis by vehicles.  Please park in the designated areas.
  • A compost bin on your plot is permitted.

Materials NOT acceptable for composting are: meat, dairy products, bread, cooked foods, weeds gone to seed, cat & dog feces, diseased plants, weeds with rhizomes or with seeds.

A SEPARATE composter for non-compostable weeds only, will be located away from the garden.

Addition of organic material to your plot is permitted (i.e. manure and soil amendments)


  • A structure for storage and growing of plants on your plot is permitted.

1.  All structures are to be constructed using materials other than glass and no part of the structure is to be of a permanent nature. In other words, no poured concrete material or other material that cannot be removed if necessary and with ease.   However, they must be anchored sufficiently to withstand windstorms.

2.  No higher than seven feet from the normal pathway elevation.  These structures must be of such a size and in such a location that they cast no shadow on a neighbouring plot in the months of March through October.

3.  No larger than 100 square feet for a greenhouse or 50 square feet for a shed and no part of the structure may be built closer than 6 inches from the general plot border.

4.  Safe and in good repair.

5.  Trellises are permitted for climbing plants.

  • Raised Beds are permitted.

Raised beds can be installed at the allotment holder’s expense. They can be created by mounding soil, or built out of wood and/or rock. No hazardous materials, such as pressure treated wood, are allowed.  We encourage the use of materials approved for use in certified organic regulations.

  • Gas powered rototillers are permitted.


  • Care and attention to your plot by weeding, general neatness and removal of garbage is your responsibility.
  • Fall cleanup of your plot is required by November 1st, except for activity growing winter crops, mulches and perennials.  Compost or remove all other spent crops.
  • Consider removal of all tools from your plot at end of day.  The “Gardens” cannot be responsible for loss of equipment on your plot.
  • Ensure that you do not shade your neighbours’ garden plots with plants or structures.
  • Water in a responsible manner and only when in attendance at your plot.

Allotment holders are to supply their own hoses, soaker hoses, watering cans, watering wands, drip irrigation or mini-emitter fine spray irrigation. No overhead sprinklers are allowed. Please report or repair leaky hoses and couplers.  Disconnect your hose from the irrigation pipe when you leave for the day, when the system is in high demand or when you are not actively watering.

  • Participate in communal work bees in spring and fall for the general upkeep and maintenance of the gardens are your responsibility.
  • Maintain communal pathways around the perimeter of your bed.  All organic materials produced on site should be composted.
  • Last gardener to leave MUST close and lock the gates
  • Please do not trespass on the remainder of the farm as it is leased.   Please respect the barrier on the driveway past the parking area.


The following activities or items are prohibited on the Fulford Valley Community Farm and on the Shaw Family Community Garden Premises.

  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Engine idling
  • Excessive noise
  • Pets
  • Chemical herbicides, pesticides or fungicides
  • Planting of invasive species i.e. comfrey. Your plants can wander into pathways. Remove when necessary.  Blowing seeds can end up invading other gardens.
  • Fires or burning of any kind.
  • Honey bees (orchard mason bees are permitted)


Communication and co-operation are important to have the gardens function well. A Garden Advisory Committee will be formed with 2 members from the gardening group, 1 member from Community Services, and one member from The Board of Directors of the Salt Spring Island Farmland Trust Society. This committee of four members will be responsible for the general operation of the Gardens and will deal with any concerns or ideas for improvements. If a problem cannot be resolved by the Garden Advisory Committee then it will be brought before the Salt Spring Island Farmland Trust Society Board of Directors for a decision.


The Salt Spring Island Farmland Trust Society Board of Directors reserves the right to modify these rules at any time.

Shaw Family Community Gardens

Application Form


Annual lease fee per plot of approximately 20′ x 50′ is $40 for the period from April 1st to March 31st. Only one plot per family is available.  No subletting of plots.  The plot remains for the gardener’s use the next year as long as the gardener is in good standing and has paid the current user fee.

Please make cheques payable to: Farmland Trust Society,

Mail to: 107 Castle Cross Rd. Salt Spring Island, BC, V8K 2G1

Further information? Contact:

Date: ______________________________, 20___

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Home Phone: _______________________ Cell: ________________________

Email: _________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: __________________________________________________

Emergency Contact Name and Phone: _________________________________



o   I’m a new allotment member

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o   I’d like to keep my current allotment          #_________

o   I’d like to change to a different allotment   #_________

o   Please put me on the wait list


I am interested in car pooling?     Yes _________  No __________

By signing this rental agreement, I understand the assumption of risk, and indemnify and release the Salt Spring Island Farmland Trust Society from all claims or liability arising from my involvement at the Fulford Valley Community Farm and the Shaw Family Community Gardens.  As a renter of a garden plot at the Shaw Family Community Gardens, I agree to my responsibilities and rights as outlined in the guidelines provided. I will abide by the rules as set out in The Shaw Family Community Gardens Guidelines.


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