We value the support of the community for the Salt Spring Island Farmers’ Institute and the importance of agriculture on our island. Membership is valid for the calendar year.To become a member of the Salt Spring Island Farmers’ Institute, please mail a $25.00 cheque for a family membership ($20.00 single) to:

Salt Spring Island Farmers’ Institute,
Box 661, Salt Spring Island, BC   V8K 2W3


It expires on 31 Dec each year.

You can pay your membership at Foxglove or mail it to the Institute.
Cost:    SINGLE $20.00  or  FAMILY $25.00


*Free admission into the Fall Fair if you show your membership card
*Free or discounted seminars held at The Institute
*Four newsletters per year that keep you informed on our activities and related issues. These are emailed to the membership.
*Your membership is important because it shows support for The Islands Farmers Institute at the regional and provincial levels.  We are one of the largest institutes in B.C.
*A Website that will gives you information and links to agricultural issues and updates on government proposals.

Please include the names of all family members living at home, as they will each receive a membership card. Showing this card, entitles the members to free admission to the Fall Fair. Also include your full address, phone number, and email address. We notify members a couple of times per month of upcoming events or subjects of interest by email. Your information is not shared.

Memberships are also available at:
Foxglove Farm & Garden, Monday to Saturday from 9:00-5:30

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