Board of Directors

2022  Board of Directors


Marguerite Lee –President

  • Islander with a keen interest in local Agriculture
  • experience in farming, business, finance and volunteer management
  • served on most Fall Fair Committees
  • served as a Director in the role of Secretary, Treasurer, and President

Merv Walde–Vice President

  • first served on planning committee of Fall Fair in 1976
  • background in farming and engineering for BC Ferries
  • manages the restoration of the old equipment
  • liaison duties with the SSI Farmers’ Heritage Foundation

Kerry Lee–Treasurer

  • member of SSIFI for 25 years, joined the board in 2018 and serves as the Treasurer
  • background in farming, small business and bookkeeping.
  • active with Girl Guides for 35 years, and other community organizations

Lisa Adams–Director

  • Islander all her life, actively farms mixed livestock
  • Farm manager for SS Cheese
  • interested in promoting agriculture on our island
  • livestock coordinator for Fall Fair

Terry Clement–Director

  • joined the board in 2016 serving as Secretary and Issues and Policies Committee
  • Three years as Coordinator of Fall Fair Information Tent and Scarecrows
  • background in business administration, government agencies, and governance
  • FI representative on Agricultural Alliance Board

Kate Cooper–Director

  • recently moved to the island after attending the Fall Fair and wanted the island lifestyle
  • Registered Veterinary Technologist and Certified Project Manager
  • works for the National Farm Animal Care Council facilitating the development of  Codes of Practice that guide the care and handling of farm animals in Canada
  • interested in animal care and welfare as well as promoting local agriculture
  • livestock entertainment coordinator for the Fall Fair

Bradley Damsgaard – Director

  • background as an event promoter and organizer
  • currently owns and operates a digital creative agency, helping all ranges of companies market their products and educate their customers
  • focus is on strengthening the existing Fall Fair programming, creating new opportunities to increase revenue, memberships and community involvement

Mike Lane – Director

  • operator of Ruckle Farm for many years
  • produces and sells meat, fruit and vegetables
  • recently appointed manager of Ruckle Park
  • has served on several agricultural boards

Graham Lorimer – Director

  • thirty five year career with BC Parks
  • design, construction and maintenance of facilities within 200+ Provincial Parks
  • coordinating the Region’s Health and Safety program, training of staff and managing the Permit Program for all commercial activities
  • has volunteered for the Institute for 2 years on repairs and maintenance of buildings and grounds

Darrell Somers – Director

  • joined the board in 2019 serving on Buildings and Maintenance Committee
  • member of the Tuesday Morning Work Crew
  • background in building, construction

David Walls – Director

  • joined the board in board in 2018 and serves as a Fall Fair Coordinator
  • background in property management, international helicopter pilot, administration and owns the family farm in the Cranberry
  • supervises the maintenance of the grounds

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